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Chief Executives must assure investors and the Board of Directors that a well defined Enterprise Risk Management strategy is in place. All business decisions and corporate strategies involve some measure of risk.

Balance Risk helps organizations to:
  • Define the organization's "risk appetite".
  • Identify root cause issues and implement cost effective solutions.
  • Eliminate ineffective or redundant controls.
  • Evaluate exposure and response to major events.
  • Hone your organization's fraud prevention and detection tools.
  • Ensure suppliers and partners are following the spirit and intent of your agreements.

We work with executive management to optimize productivity and enhance the control environment through systematic improvements. Ensuring that an organization can effectively respond to events and opportunities that define competitive advantage versus their peers.

With no control comes high risk while over control results in reduced productivity at a high price. Balance Risk helps our clients navigate the optimal course between risk and cost.

  Whitepaper - July 2009
  Contract Compliance

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  News - November 2010
  Fraud Findings -
  Lessons Learned

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  News - November 2010
  Occupational Fraud Impact
  The typical organization loses
  5% of its annual revenue to
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